A Committee of Correspondence

A Committee of Correspondence

Requiem In Pacem Free Markets

| April 26, 2010

Moriarty: Good morning, class. Class (sullenly): Morning, Professor Moriarty. Moriarty: Well, I’ve decided that it’s time to get my ducks in a row and end this chapter on the “Free Market System” we’ve been toying . . . er, studying. Daisy (alarmed): Ducks?!? In a row?!!! Huey (glaring): What do you mean by “in a […]

Can You Hear The Bell? Guess For Whom It Tolls.

| April 7, 2010

God Don’t Play Second Fiddle! It’s not a bill that’s up to be voted on. It became a law when He wrote it in stone. Number one in the list of His Big Ten. When He came to earth, He said it again. It’s been the same way since the beginning of time. So don’t […]

Will Durant on The Genius of Christianity

| April 1, 2010

The fundamental mystery of the Christian doctrine (is) the Trinity: God as the Father creating, God as the Son redeeming, God as the Holy Spirit enlightening and sanctifying. One must not worry here about credibility; the important thing is that without a belief in an intelligent God, life becomes a merciless struggle, sin and failure […]