A Committee of Correspondence

A Committee of Correspondence

The Great “Astroturf” Movement

What is really irking the left is that the minority-driven tactics that they have been using to influence public opinion for the past five decades have now been rightfully claimed by the “silent majority” and to good effect. 

Movements are much more effective when they represent a MAJOR portion of the population.  The pressure  mounts faster and the situation of the “establishment” becomes untenable sooner.

This movement the left is attempting to characterize and thereby marginalize as “Astroturf” was first started on April 15, 2009. And now it’s national.  It is younger than the Obama administration; yet it is more robust than the Civil Rights Movement which required at least ten years to reach this stage.

And we should all note that the Civil Rights Movement was national news on all of the media outlets at the time, not ignored as this movement has been.  That’s got to really frost the left; they couldn’t get this kind of movement going in just five months even with the help of the State-run Media!

Here’s a prediction: you will hear this group of real honest-to-goodness concerned and outraged American citizens called:

  • Nazis
  • Right Wing Wackos
  • Conspiracy Nuts
  • Republican Stooges
  • Uninformed or misled

I’m sure that if the left can find a leader, they will attack him personally, ala “Joe the Plumber.” We know the level of vitriol that can come from the “Liberal Establishment,” so be prepared for it.

The truth is: The great mass of middle class America is upset! This is about their lives and the lives of their children and grandchildren! They will not sit down! And they will not shut up!

ACORN eat your heart out; you couldn’t get this kind of thing off the ground in years, even with Soros’ billions backing you.

Liberals,  be afraid, be very afraid.  “Astroturf” my a…

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