A Committee of Correspondence

A Committee of Correspondence

A Wee Problem With the Numbers

During the Tea Party protests on April 15, 2010, I saw a banner carried by a small (less that twenty) group of counter-protesters stating that BHO had reduced the taxes of 95% of Americans.  Well, let’s see, it is reported that 41% of Americans don’t pay Federal Taxes, leaving only 59% of Americans footing the bill.  This means that BHO has reduced the taxes of 36% of Americans from Zero to what?  Note: 59% + 36% = 95%.  This is a logical absurdity.  But the left keeps telling the Tea Party people this is true.

Well, next we have the unemployment level which has risen to 9.9%.  Added to these are people who are under-employed (17%) giving us a real rate of 26.9% of unemployed/under-employed.  

Let’s assume that all of these people are NOT part of the 41% that don’t pay taxes. Let’s be generous and say they are split in the same ratio as the the taxpayers to those dependent on government handouts. Then 15.8 % of those were taxpayers, so now there are 59% – 15.8% as actual taxpayers (43.2%).  That’s means taxpayers are CURRENTLY THE MINORITY IN AMERICA. It’s probably worse than that since, if you lost your job, you most likely WERE a taxpayer so it could be as low as 32.1%  AND we haven’t even addressed the loss of Corporate revenues.

How can an Administration or Congress who CANNOT do simple math keep us afloat?

Does ANYONE EXCEPT US see in AMERICA’S FUTURE what is currently happening in GREECE?! It’s getting really scary out there, folks.

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