A Committee of Correspondence

A Committee of Correspondence

Cartoon Coyote Economy

The world’s economy is poised in the air like a cartoon coyote.  It currently is running in mid-air as fast as it can.  But we all know the fall will follow — a fall way way down to the bottom of the canyon — leaving a coyote-shaped hole at the bottom.

There is nothing that can be done now. All the shifting of debt, selling of bonds, bailing out of banks will not change the fact that there is just too little money to do the trick because the world has bankrupted itself. 

But right now, our cartoon coyote is sprinting in mid-air;  it’ll be just as effective as it is in the cartoons, too.

The next event in the cartoon timeline is the coyote’s downward glance — the glance always precedes his fall.  Sometimes he screams just before he starts his fall. The Stock Market’s gaze has begun to turn downward and its eyes are popping out even as we write this. 

The fall comes next and will continue at an increasing pace until the bottom is hit.  The hole will be deep and there will be an interval where all you will see is the hole.  Then after a while, a coyote paw/hand will be seen groping for a hold to pull itself out of the hole.  This will take much longer than the fall, and it will hurt. The coyote will be broken but not dead; he will then crawl off slowly to recuperate.

The coyote isn’t very smart so sometime, perhaps in the distant future, the coyote might well climb the cliff again, maybe not as high, even though by then he will have forgotten the plunge he just clawed his way out of. But gravity will still be lurking, waiting for the chance to grab him again.

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