A Committee of Correspondence

A Committee of Correspondence

ObamaCare: The Bottom Line

I think any casual reading of this bill will make three things extremely clear:

  1. ObamaCare = Abortion (a covered procedure)
  2. ObamaCare = Euthanasia (see “Cash for Geezers” on this blog)
  3. ObamaCare = Rationing (where’s the incentive to provide real medical care?)

Any arguments to the contrary are simply not based on the language of the bill. Rather, they are based on the hope that no one will look closely at it, especially the members of Congress.  Most of the lawmakers only attended a “briefing”  on it at the White House. One can guess what filters were used there.

What the “briefing” didn’t do is cover the supposed “47 million uninsured.” In fact, many estimates put the number of the uninsured at less that 12 million. But our federal government, who is so VERY GOOD at spending OUR MONEY and who doesn’t care how much ANYTHING COSTS because it doesn’t come out of THEIR pockets, just ours. Nor do they care about the QUALITY of what they purchase since THEY DON”T HAVE TO USE IT, only we, the poor sap taxpayers do, got the uninsured who, by the way are ALREADY receiving medical care in our current healthcare system, “covered” for a MERE $1 trillion!!! What a bargain!!!!!  And remember, Medicare cost ten time as much for the first ten years as was projected. Even the Cash for Clunkers program is three times as costly (in just in one week). So go ahead, guess HOW MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE “OBAMACARE” WILL BE THAN ITS CURRENT HIGHEST ESTIMATE. I’m pretty sure I can’t count that high. I know I can’t afford it. And neither can my children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, great-great-grandchildren . . .

The ills of the current system aren’t changed. The poor lost souls who aren’t covered by health insurance now but who still get care ( Just go to any Emergency Room, any day. You will see them there, receiving the same care we all receive.) will still fall though the cracks. But these cracks will be government issued cracks–cracks made wider and deeper by lawmakers who simply DO NOT CARE AND WILL NOT LISTEN because it doesn’t affect them! They’ve seen to that!

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