A Committee of Correspondence

A Committee of Correspondence

The Real Astroturf: Liberal’s response to the Tea Party Movment

The Left has called out its Goons.  The unions and ACORN are out in force.  Now who is manufacturing a grassroots movement? How do these goons make their livings?  Just who signs their pay checks?

The only violence I have seen to date is by the Left and directed at the concerned citizens exercising their Constitutional right to freedom of speech and freedom of assembly at Town Halls.  I’ll admit that there has been some heated language from both sides. But the only physical attacks came from the Liberals.

In fact, I couldn’t help but marvel at one piece of film footage I viewed on the State-run network news. It showed one man standing with his sign which read “Quiet! Democracy in Progress!” His sign clearly was intended to silence the folks who were there to express their opposition to “Obamacare.” (“Obamacare” is a misnomer if ever I heard one. Obama doesn’t seem to care about anyone except himself–his own aggrandizement and power plays. However, I digress.) I clearly recall the violent protests of the Left during the days of the War in Vietnam. If that man had dared to appear at one of THOSE protests, he would have been killed. He definitely would NOT have been allowed to stand there holding his sign unmolested by those with opposing views. And the Left hasn’t changed their tactics at all. A viewing of the videos on YouTube shows the true Liberal Astroturfers with their professionally printed signs rudely crowding their way in front of any and every concerned citizen who happened to be on camera at that moment. The only saving grace was that the Obama-supporting-no-matter-what Liberals with their 4-color-offset-printed signs were very few in number and pretty well kept on the hop just trying to elbow their way in front of the cameras.

I’m very sorry that the lawmakers have angered so many law-abiding people; but they did it to themselves.  If you are paid to do the job of representing a district or a state and you don’t do that, then your bosses, the American people have a right to criticize you and the job you do.  If you don’t like it, resign; don’t call out the goons!

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