A Committee of Correspondence

A Committee of Correspondence

Gov. Richardson, What About the Illegals With AK-47s Living in Remote Areas of NM?

We just happened to catch your interview on national news night before last, Bill, in which you assured all us viewers that Arizona’s problem with illegal immigrants is far worse than New Mexico’s problem. You even cited the assassination of the Arizona rancher by one or more illegal immigrants on March 27, 2010, to support your hypothesis. Your underlying message was that New Mexico’s “illegal immigrant friendly” posture would continue even though MANY OF THESE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS ARE CRIMINALS.

We have to admit that your stance on May 26 was an improvement over your previous position which basically dared Arizona to arrest any New Mexicans. Oddly, Arizona did NOT seem to be cowering under the sheets after receiving such a stern warning. You just can’t win them all, huh, Bill?

However, we feel it incumbent upon us to point out to you that in fact a New Mexican was shot and killed by one of three illegal immigrants from El Salvador who were members of the vicious drug and weapons trafficking gang known as MS-13. On Saturday June 22, 2009, Stephanie Anderson, the 36-year-old cook at an Albuquerque Denny’s, was killed in cold blood during a robbery at 9:30 am. That Denny’s was packed. But for the grace of God, many other New Mexicans could have died, Bill.

So, not only is Arizona NOT worse off than New Mexico, the problem arrived in New Mexico, as it usually seems to, FIRST.

But other than your apparent callousness in forgetting about that innocent New Mexican casualty of the Drug Cartel Wars, that is NOT the problem we want to call to your attention, Bill.

The issue we want you to address is this: We have eyewitness accounts from a source we consider to be very reliable stating that there are what he refers to as “cardboard towns” (please note that “towns” is plural — meaning MORE THAN ONE OF THOSE CARDBOARD TOWNS ARE SET UP) in remote parts of New Mexico that our source comes across while off-roading. He claims that ALL of the individuals living in these cardboard towns are armed with AK-47s. In fact, our source finds these people to be so menacing that he has taken to riding armed.

Now, Bill, we know you are intent on keeping New Mexico as a SAFETY CORRIDOR for drug cartels and other terrorists to enter and leave the United States. And now, it seems that you also want the drug cartels and other terrorists to be able to set up FORWARD STAGING AREAS for their nefarious activities. And where better than in New Mexico, right, Bill?

We know you have family ties with Mexico. We also know you have ties of friendship with Mexican officials. All of those officials are working for the drug cartels. The Mexican officials who were NOT working for the drug cartels are long since dead. Our parents used to have a saying: “Birds of a feather flock together.” So, we have to wonder, Bill, is your plumage that of a drug cartel member?

Whatever the truthful answer to that may be, it isn’t the reason why we are making this post. The purpose for this post is that we believe we do NOT have until you finally leave office to deal with this issue. You see, if one decides to delay taking action on such a critical issue, then that sort of problem has a way of coming back around and biting one in the patooty when one least needs the aggravation.

According to Republican New Mexico state legislators, you have been treating the “stimulus money” the Feds gave to New Mexico as your own personal discretionary fund. Since the Feds are refusing to do their job of securing the borders and you have in your possession Federal tax money, we want you to take a hammer to whatever piggy bank you have it squirreled away — even if it means a special trip to the Grand Caymans — and use that money to fund Predator drones — think infrared, Bill, — AND National Guardsmen. New Mexico is blessed with a wonderful National Guard so please USE IT.

And this time, make sure the National Guard is charged with ENGAGING these illegal immigrant criminals. We have all SEEN more than enough of what those guys can do, so charging the New Mexico National Guard with “observing” the laws being broken is a dead waste of time, effort and money. What we need the Guard to do is to drop them where they stand OR drop-kick their patooties back across the border and SECURE THAT BORDER.

Come on, Bill. This is NOT rocket science. You can do this. We are quite certain this is NOT what you had planned for all that lovely money but sometimes you just have to do what’s right.

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