A Committee of Correspondence

A Committee of Correspondence

A Plague of Darkness?

When God had Moses lead His chosen people out of slavery in Egypt to a land He had long ago promised them, the 9th plague God used to get Pharaoh to let God’s chosen people go was a plague of “a darkness that could be felt.”

Recently a beloved sister in Christ brought us a prophecy which was given to her by a member of the clergy in her church. This prophecy purports to be the third and final secret of Fatima. We will attach the ROUGHLY translated text of this prophecy at the end of this post. Just so you know, we are not translators and our sister in Christ said that the text was not well written. Another piece of information you might find useful is that our sister in Christ is of the Roman Catholic persuasion, as was Lucia. We do not belong to the Roman Catholic church. However, Christians are people who believe in the work of redemption and salvation Jesus Christ did for us when He died upon the Cross. We have found brothers and sisters in Christ in each and every Christian denomination and “persuasion.” We have found other folks who were not currently Christians, judging by the testimony of their own lips and lives, in every Christian church, too, so there you go.

We do NOT claim that the attached prophecy purporting to be the one given to Lucia is real. We have NO WAY of knowing of its veracity or its true source. We do, however, find it very interesting for the following reasons:

This world is in TROUBLE. EVERY CHRISTIAN KNOWS THIS. We know this because our God Who created heaven and earth and everything else has said in His Word that He does NOTHING without first telling His children what He is about to do. Since the soon-coming events are COLOSSAL, He has been making sure that we all get the message.

Recently, we heard Perry Stone say, “God told me to tell His children that it will be the same way now as it was ‘when I brought my people out of slavery in Egypt.'” We are putting quotations around that, but we are pretty sure it is NOT a direct quote. It is, however, what we can recall of what we actually heard him say. It also dovetails with information we know has come from God.

It took 10 plagues before God’s chosen people could be led out of Egypt. And the 10th plague (Exodus 12: 29-30) is the picture of the work Christ did when He became our Passover Lamb. God used that to heal His chosen people. So we, as Christians, are expecting and claiming a great healing. God’s people were also given the wealth of the wicked which God has allowed to be stored up and that, too, will soon be coming to God’s children. (Exodus 12: 35-36; Proverbs 13: 22) That’s all GOOD NEWS. Here’s the part that does not, on the surface, look quite as good. But WE WALK BY FAITH AND NOT BY SIGHT. Don’t forget.

The world has fallen into the WRONG hands and God’s Chosen people, the Jews, and the Church, the Bride of Christ, are looking at our imminent destruction by those forces of evil.

But the forces of evil have gotten a little ahead of themselves. They are anxious to set up their evil empire and rule with an iron fist this fallen world; and they think their time has come, but THEY ARE WRONG. They are wrong because they have reckoned without the Living God. It is God Who decides what happens and when it happens. It is Israel who is God’s timepiece.

Israel is encompassed by dark forces and will very soon have no choice but to fight for her very survival. She will win — but only because that is exactly what the Living God has always said.

God has PROMISED Israel that He will “bless those who bless thee and CURSE those who curse thee;” and, since every nation in the entire world is now in the position of that of enemy to Israel (whether we want to be or not), the world SHOULD be expecting a CURSE from GOD. But, of course, they aren’t because they have convinced themselves that God does NOT exist. Well, SURPRISE!! THERE TRULY IS A GOD AND HE ALWAYS MEANS EXACTLY WHAT HE SAYS.

The coming events are those foretold in the Bible as the destruction of Damascus (Isaiah 17) and the destruction of Egypt (Ezekiel 29) which, by the way, includes a 40 year curse upon the land telling us that no one will be living there for those 4 decades.

We think that is fascinating for this reason: when they were delivered from the bondage of Egypt, God’s chosen people were led into a wilderness where they took disciplinary laps around a mountain for 40 years before they could enter the Promised Land.

Bible Scholar, Chuck Missler, has, we believe, figured out what the coming events actually are. Alleluia! It’s been driving us nuts. But Chuck is a genius and probably the very best outliner it has ever been our privilege to behold. In addition, he can pull events together in chronological sequence like no one else. Pretty amazing. These events are detailed in Ezekiel 25-32 . As a result of these COLOSSAL events, Israel will, at last, be living in the Promised Land just as God promised it to them. Their eastern border would become the Euphrates River. And that is exactly what God always intended. And at that point, Israel will be living in peace in un-walled cities just as the Bible describes her when the anti-Christ appears on the world scene.

In our unfounded opinion, it will take quite a bit of time and effort on the part of the forces of darkness before they reach the point of launching the anti-Christ and his one-world empire once the coming COLOSSOL events have taken place. Perhaps something like 40 years? (Or at least, 33 years, if one subtracts the 7-year Tribulation period from the specified 40 years that Egypt is uninhabited. Or maybe less than 33 years.) As we said, we do NOT know. That is all speculation.

We also suspect those earthquakes and volcanic eruptions that are making the news are significant. Mt. St. Helens recently has been pushing up slabs of stone like Pop Tarts out of a toaster. We find that alarming, even if no one else does. Iceland’s volcanic activity should be known to all and this includes the possibility that Hekla will be erupting. Volcanoes have erupted in Ecuador and Guatemala, as well. And earthquakes are everywhere, it seems. And these earthquakes are DEEP.

Go ahead. Call us alarmists but then give this a little thought. We decided to look at the 9th plague and followed all the little etymological clues in our study Bible’s notes. The “darkness that could be felt” was “God taking the lid off of the abyss.” The abyss is the bottomless pit — the lake of fire — where the unsaved will be spending eternity; so, if any of you or anyone you know falls into that category, then taking a good look at coming events and giving some thought to accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior would be an excellent idea.

We are not Jewish, but we recently bought a copy of the Midrash. So, we checked the 9th plague in that text; and according to that collection of Rabbinical writings, God used the darkness to kill many evil Jews because He didn’t want His people to be blamed for those deaths. The Midrash also says that the 9th plague lasted 6 days. Since the Bible specifies 3 days, we went back to our etymological clues and found that the 3 days refers to “3 days journey” so if you allow for a round-trip it would be 6 days, huh? There was also a note in the Midrash that since God does things in 7s, one day of darkness was reserved to be used to keep Pharaoh and his soldiers at bay until God’s chosen people could complete their escape across the Red Sea.

“A day of darkness and gloom, a day of clouds and blackness” is foretold in Joel 2:2 as preceding a horrible war. Please read Joel 2 in its entirety. It is our belief that that is what is coming. If it isn’t that, then it’s a LOT LIKE IT. It’s a latter days prophecy. And it speaks clearly about what one is to do if one is to be saved.

A daughter, known to us, who dreams dreams, as is, also, foretold in Joel 2, had two dreams regarding this. One over a year ago involved darkness when it shouldn’t be dark. The day and month given were June 30. She is never given the year. The dream sent recently said that the darkness would be coming from north of the 35 degrees North latitude from our perspective, but maybe not. We aren’t very sure about any of that.

As Hal Lindsey says, “We are all stumbling around in the dark looking for the light switch.” Very true. Most things are clear only in hindsight. But this is certain: as Jonathan Edwards said a long time ago, “We are sinners. Sinners in the hands of an angry God.”


With that rather lengthy prologue, here is the prophecy:

Lucia Reveals The Third and Final Secret Of Fatima

The Church has given permission to reveal the last part of the message given to three children in Fatima, Portugal, in the 1917.One of these children was named Lucia. She became a nun in a convent cloistered in Portugal.

Lucia revealed the first message to Pope Pius XII. After reading it, he decided to save it without publishing it. After Pope John XXIII read it, like his predecessor, he decided to hide it from public view because he knew that, once released, it would bring desperation and panic to humanity.

But now the time has arrived. Pope John Paul II has granted permission to reveal it to the children of God; this is not done to create a panic; but Heaven knows the importance of this message and of being prepared.

The Virgin said to Lucia: Look, my little girl, and tell to the world which is here during the years 1950 – 2010. Men are not obeying the Commandments that God has given us. Evil is governing the world and is scattering hatred and resentment everywhere. Men make armaments that can destroy the world in minutes! Were these arms used the human race would be destroyed.

God is permitting all types of extreme events, like smoke, hail, freezing water, lights, floods, earthquakes, inclement weather to strike the planet.

For those who do NOT believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, this is the time to become a believer and follower of Christ. Those that have not charity toward others, in words and deeds, and those that do not love the Lord as He has loved all us, will not survive. These people who are not choosing Christ are choosing death.

God will punish severely those that have not believed, and those that have despised Jesus and those that did not have time for God. I ask to all of you to come to the Lord Jesus. God helped the entire world but all those that have not shown faith and loyalty will be destroyed. Many souls will be lost and many nations will disappear off the Earth. But in the middle of all this, if the men reflect, they pray and they practice sincerely, with good works, with kindness and respect, the world can be saved. But if the men
persist in doing evil, with avarice, hatred, lies, rivalries and disagreements, the world will be lost forever.

These events are to happen before the end of 2010.

A man in a very important position is murdered and this causes a nuclear war. This war destroys all; the darkness will be upon us for 72 hours. A third of the humanity that survive this darkness and sacrifice, begin to live in a new way — to be good people.

In one night very cold, 10 minutes before the midnight, an enormous tremor shakes the Earth for 8 hours. This is the third sign that God governs the Earth. The faithful and those that propagate the Faith have nothing to fear and are not scared. What must they do? Bow their heads, get down on their knees, and ask God’s pardon.

Because, only what is good and not under the control of evil survives the catastrophe. So prepare yourselves and you will live. I will give you the following signs: anguish, and in a short period the trembling of the Earth began, the Earth trembled so violently that it moved the Earth 23 degrees and then returned to its normal position.

Then, total and the absolute dark covers all the planet. And the bad spirits gather together and damage all those souls who did not want to listen to this message and did not want to repent. To the faithful souls, light blessed candles, prepare a sacred place to communicate with God and to implore His infinite mercy.

Everything is dark; and there appears in the sky a great mystical cross to remind us of the price our Lord and Savior had to pay for our redemption.

In the house the only thing that can give light is blessed candles. Once ignited nothing is permitted to extinguish them until the three days are finished. Also holy water to abundantly sprinkle the windows and the doors. God’s children must ask Him for forgiveness for our sins, that He save us from the flames of hell, and take us all to Heaven.

When the world no longer trembles, those who did not believe in our Lord will perish in a horrible manner. The air carried a gas everywhere.

Then the sun will come out. Maybe you survived this catastrophe. Do not forget that God’s punishment is holy and once started you must not look outside, under any circumstances. God does not want any of his good words of God are no threat, but good news. Please reproduce these pages and send them to everyone you know so that they may have an opportunity to repent and be saved.

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