A Committee of Correspondence

A Committee of Correspondence

Set Up an Oval Office on Interstate 8, Obama

Sen. John McCain has invited the Usurper to come to the US border with Mexico and see for himself how badly border security has deteriorated. Read the article on NewsMax.com.

A friend of ours who lives in Arizona has several times lamented about the on-going warnings from Arizona law enforcement telling everyone that they drive on Interstate 8 at their own risk. If they should break down or otherwise require assistance, they will be out of luck. No first responders will set foot (or emergency equipment tires, either) on Interstate 8 because the drug cartels are in complete control of that United States Interstate which was built with US tax dollars well within the United States border with Mexico. BUT the drug cartels have been in control of it for some time.

We think the Usurper should set up an Oval Office right there on Interstate 8. The Usurper could take the new rug with its tribute to the Usurper and his administration’s inablility to research even the simplest of topics.

Our guess is that border security would become a REAL ISSUE for our federal government, such as it is. Our federal government might even decide that border security is something they CAN accomplish, if they actually tried.

Other nations have been able to secure borders for millenia.

Of course, those nations with secure borders don’t send troops with orders to “observe.” Perhaps the Liberals could search out the one or two of their number with brains and present them with this question: “Is it possible that a border COULD be secured if the troops protecting it were allowed to shoot trespassers?”

Conservatives know the correct answer. But it’s probably too tough a question for a Liberal.

On the off-chance that one or two Liberals can be taught, we will share here with them the answer to this Liberal Imponderable: the correct answer is YES!!!

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