A Committee of Correspondence

A Committee of Correspondence

A History, a Repeat preformance?

The essential causes for Rome’s decline lay in her people, her morals, her class struggle , her failing trade, her bureaucratic depotism, her stifling taxes, her consuming wars.

— Will Durant, Epilog to Caesar and Christ

America’s people are in decline. This is made obvious in that our once strong and independent people are now being turned into “sheeple”–always looking to the government to solve our problems.

Item One: Moral decency has vanished from the American landscape. Even hamburger commercials on TV should be rated XXX.

Item Two: The Democratic party has perpetuated the class struggle in the United States long after it would have died naturally. Instead it has reversed course–it is still on the same course just reversed. 

Item Three:  We have become a debtor nation, instead of a lending nation. 

Item Four: Bureaucratic despotism thy name is Obama.  

Item Five: Do you feel stifled by taxes yet? You will. The American economy that led the world in productivity and innovation is history. It is succumbing faster than anyone can believe to Socialism. Check out Socialism’s track record. It has a 100% failure rate! NEVER has it succeeded. It only FAILS. And when it does, IT TAKES THE COUNTRY WITH IT.

Item Six: Consuming wars? We have squandered our money and the lives of our people. And now we aren’t even making a pretense of protecting our citizens from the foreign terrorist groups amassing at our border with northern Mexico and setting up strongholds inside our country after entering on the Drug Cartel Expressway. In addition, Missile Defense program will see a 35% cutback to its budget this year, and our expansion program overseas will be completely cut. Obama has also ended certain subcomponents entirely, such as the KEI and Airborn Laser programs which aid in missile interception technologies. That’s the best case scenario. Obama is also trying to scrap our missiles in an agreement with Russia. (Russia never keeps their word. They are Scythians–they just pretend to retreat. In other words, we are being stripped of our defensive capabilities during a time of increased unrest with neighboring countries, escalation of nuclear programs in North Korea, Iran, China and Russia.

Item Seven: Never mind moral decency–we are in MORAL FREEFALL!! Let’s face it, Rome’s morals were pretty lax at the best of times.  They routinely  exposed unwanted children, bribed, fought, and slept their way to the top.  It wasn’t until the time of the Roman Empire, however, that homosexual practices became prevalent. America has gone much farther than the Romans did:we kill the unborn, bribe, trade on sexual favors, and want to regularize homosexual unions.

The start of the decline of Rome came when Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon and entered Roman territory with an armed force.  As the empire aged there were Caesars who were not Romans. Then the emperor replaced the Senate as the law maker. See any similarities with where the United States is right now?

Things went from “poor” to “in the crapper.”  There were some emperors who tried to fix things; but it didn’t work because you can’t fix things from the top, only from the grassroots.

So we have a choice: We can go along with the collapse of our country. OR we can decide we’re not going to take it any more.  Join a Church. Join a Tea Party. Join a splinter party. And VOTE !

Vote NO! And Vote the idiots out!

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