A Committee of Correspondence

A Committee of Correspondence

Liberals, What Part of “Limited Government” Do You NOT Understand?

Our guess? All of it.
So, to recap precepts that used to be taught in elementary school:

  • Our Constitution limits Our Government, NOT US!
  • GOD gave us rights. NOT our government.
  • Government HAS NO RIGHTS except those granted by US, the governed.
  • AND it’s our money. NOT the government’s!

So, all you liberals who want to govern, since you haven’t “cluttered up your minds” with an understanding of our founding documents, the least you could do is to learn to read a balance sheet. Once you have assimilated that knowledge, give making a balanced budget a try. It CAN BE DONE. We conservative people do it all the time.

Just keep telling yourselves: Yes, we CAN create a balanced budget and live within our means. No, we DON’T need to raise the debt ceiling OR taxes. We need to STOP SPENDING MONEY.

That’s so simple surely even a liberal should be able to understand it.

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