A Committee of Correspondence

A Committee of Correspondence

Liberals Still Living In Central Egypt

As usual the liberals are living in the land of denial. These socialistic-totalitarian un- and non-Americans are still standing before the American people telling us that the only way is their way. According to them, liberals had nothing to do with the complete chaos and utter destruction that socialism has brought upon the civilized world, in general, and this country in particular. This despite the empirical FACT that liberals have been in ever-increasing control of our “government” for the last fifty years.

The liberal “solution” is to raise the debt ceiling yet again AND increase taxation some more.

REALLY? SERIOUSLY? If that could work — and ANYONE with a brain will tell you that “solution” is actually what has caused the problems — then WHY HASN’T IT WORKED ALREADY? Our government has spent WAY MORE MONEY THAN THE AMERICAN PEOPLE CAN EVER HOPE TO EARN. And our taxation rates are so ruthless — they are, in fact, the highest WORLDWIDE– American corporations have been expatriating themselves (and our technology AND OUR JOBS) for decades.

As a direct result, under the usurper and especially in the first two years of his tyranny when he had a totally liberal Congress, we have been collecting debt at an alarming rate all the while dragging our economy into depths of destruction that weren’t seen even during the Great Depression.

The leftists are WRONG in their beliefs. (In fact, you can take it as read that liberals are WRONG about EVERYTHING. ) But they have the absolute audacity to stand there and claim that all we have to do is trust them and continue to go along with their insanity and everything will be fine.

Well, it probably will be fine for them, since they don’t just “redistribute wealth,” they CONFISCATE WEALTH for themselves. But it’s us and our children and grandchildren that we are worried about.

So, anything the usurper and his administration, the IMF, the Federal Reserve, the UN, the EU, the Muslim Brotherhood, China, Hugo Chavez, George Soros or anyone else who calls himself a “liberal,” “progressive” or “moderate” thinks is a good idea is automatically placed at the top of our list — Our “We’ll See You in Hell First” List.

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