A Committee of Correspondence

A Committee of Correspondence

Shocker: Federal Government NOT TRUSTWORTHY

Wow! The liberal core is on full display for all to see.

We are all said to be “sponges” in that no one can tell what’s actually in a sponge until one puts the sponge under pressure. How true. And now we can all see exactly what the liberal “sponge” contains.

The liberals have set up a “crisis.” Liberals LOVE crises. They have to because their complete inability to plan and predict as well as their absolute untrustworthiness inevitably leads exactly there.

The liberals have two modis operendi: 1) They get their way while everyone around them sings their praises and kowtows to them. This is their preferred modus operendi because this scenario allows them to smile benignly and continue unchecked along their irresponsible destructive path.

Sometimes, however, someone (with a functioning brain) or something (reality) comes along and challenges the tyrannical pontificating liberal. This is when they display their second modus operendi. To wit: 2)They demand that they be given their way; and when they meet continued opposition, they reveal their irrational evil core thereby stunning their unprepared opponent into the silence of disbelief which the liberals then claim to be consent. And then the liberals move unchecked along their irresponsible destructive path, but without the smile. In fact, they become huffy. The liberals refer to this modus operendi as “compromise.”

No rational human being would call that a “compromise” because the liberal demands remain unchanged. But, in a way, they are right. They are “compromised.” They are compromised in the same way that an enemy position is “compromised.” They have had to reveal who they really are and what they are actually up to.

As one and all can see, liberals are evil uncaring irrational and NOT to be trusted. Ann Coulter’s latest book, Demonic is an exposé of exactly that.

The usurper, the current liberal-in-chief, actually told us all that we were too stupid to understand the problems our “government” is facing. But the truth is that conservative Americans understand perfectly. This “debt ceiling crisis” is a tacit admission BY the liberals that liberals CANNOT govern ANYTHING.

The liberals are UNWILLING to make ANY cuts to government EVER! AND the liberals have been running our government (such as it is) for the last fifty years. THAT is what has CAUSED this MOUNTAIN OF DEBT. Their insistence that the debt ceiling be raised YET AGAIN is empirical evidence that liberal policies and tactics do nothing but create debt and deficits and bureaucracies that do nothing but add to the debt and the deficits and the bureaucracies. All liberals can do is make the problem WORSE. That’s because liberals ARE the problem.

In previous decades, America was strong enough to allow the liberals a “little slack.” That was a huge mistake. Give a liberal an inch and he takes a mile. Give him a dime and he takes $120 trillion.

So now, there is no slack. America has reached a very dark and desperate place, and we know it. In 2010, praise the Lord, we wisely elected conservatives to represent us. And we have, thereby, established a tiny “beachhead” in our Congress from which to wage this war for the survival of our American way of life.

Thus far, these new conservative representatives have done what we have asked of them. They have pointed the dark and desperate American reality out to the usurper and his henchmen. And this has caused the liberals to move from their preferred modus operendi of demanding and instantly getting their way to their backup modus operendi, the one they call “compromise.”

In their spirit of “compromise,” the liberal henchmen yanked open their tattered dirty bag and pulled out their four-button console. The four red buttons have been used so often and so vigorously that it’s difficult to make out the white lettering on each button. But, fortunately for them, they seem to have their four options memorized. We’re not really sure how since, in our opinion, every liberal is an excellent candidate for a Bill Engvall’s “Here’s Your Sign” Award. (Global warming? Guam will flip over and sink? 57 states in the US? Really? Here’s your sign!)

Nancy Pelosi was the first to take a stab at the console. Her gnarled finger landed unerringly on the button sort-of-labeled “Medicare.” And she crowed aloud that pushing that button would be sure to bring about a liberal resurgence in 2012. Twenty or fifty “Here’s Your Sign” Awards each might do for everyone else, but it strikes us that Pelosi would make the perfect Poster Child for Ron White’s “You Can’t Fix Stupid.” Even the usurper seemed a tad appalled at poor Nancy’s political faux pas.

The usurper’s moment of lucidity could not last, of course. He has, after all, proved himself time and again to be a more-than-worthy “Here’s Your Sign” Awardee. So, the usurper stretched out his bony finger and pushed the button once-labeled “Social Security.” He told one and all that he could not “guarantee” that Grammy and Granddaddy would receive their social security checks on August 3 or ever again.

Imagine that! Grammy and Granddaddy and everyone else and all their employers have, FOR DECADES, paid into the Social Security TRUST Fund. The government of the United States of America told each and every citizen that they would hold that money in TRUST for them and that when the time came, that money would “be there for them.” They swore up and down that we, the taxpaying, social security paying, law-abiding people of the United States should TRUST our federal government with that money. And not only that, but we have lost track of the number of times our government has FIXED social security.

And now, we all discover that our government is completely unworthy of our TRUST. We cannot TRUST them with the money we have already given them but they demand that we give them even more by raising the debt ceiling.

Really? Well, usurper, here’s your sign!

Liberals lie. So for those of you who actually DO trust them and what they say, please take a few minuites to read the actual truth:

Official Treasury Reports: Coffers Full Enough to Cover Entitlement Programs, Veterans, Federal Salaries, Interest—Without Borrowing a Dime

Treasury: Tax Revenues for June = $196.9B; Social Security Payments = $50.7B; Veterans’ Programs = $7.2B

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