A Committee of Correspondence

A Committee of Correspondence

NOW Jobs Are Important to the usurper?

So, what was he waiting for? Just much too busy with US debt creation? Avoiding a Federal budget for 3 years? Celebrating his 48th, 49th and 50th birthdays? Hiding all his birth records? Golfing? Traveling? Partying? Just couldn’t be bothered, huh? But NOW he’s ready to tackle jobs in America. How comforting.

In this interview, Texas Governor Rick Perry gives us a few good ideas on how to fix the mess the liberals have made.

“I think in the decade of the 2000s, 2.2 million jobs were lost and at the same time Texas created 730,000,” Perry said.

“The last two years we’ve created nearly half the jobs created in America and listen, it wasn’t by accident,” he said.

Perry credits low taxes, fair regulations, and a system that actually punishes people who bring baseless lawsuits for helping keep Texas afloat while much of the country treads water during this tough economy.

As usual, Texans are showing a whole lot of sense. So, naturally, their prescription is nothing a liberal would ever even consider. That’s why America is in a depression. It’s the inevitable outcome the liberals have been and are working toward for the last 60 years. Liberals have successfully trashed America.

If you would like to see how Texas has avoided the liberal depression the rest of America is in, please watch the Rick Perry interview here:

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