A Committee of Correspondence

A Committee of Correspondence

Trump Is a MUCH Better Negotiator Than RINOs Are

We were mulling that over as our Tea Party representatives in Congress waged their valiant war on the behalf of America. We recalled that Trump has MANY times declared bankruptcy in order to negotiate better interest rates from creditors. And we would be astonished to hear that creditors weren’t lining up to finance Trump’s next big deal. America could do that, we were thinking.

But no. The liberals were terrified at the very thought that they might not have several trillion dollars MORE to squander as they see fit. And our Tea Party beachhead in Congress is simply that, a beachhead.

Fighting is always bloodiest on the beachheads and we deeply appreciate our representatives service to our nation.

The usurper will not serve a second term. We don’t care what the lame brain media or any other liberals say. Liberals are a very small minority and they have had their time. It’s over. The only question is how soon it is over.

As Donald Trump clearly states in this interview: “Obama is VERY BAD for this country.”

So are RINOs. (Republicans In Name Only — that’s all of them except the Tea Party representatives in Congress.) And as Trump goes on to say: “We’ve had horrible leadership. But right now we have the worst leadership we’ve ever had.” Amen, Donald Trump.

Trump thinks “people forget.” We’re pretty sure Americans are not going to forget. But other than that, we completely agree with Trump.

Watch Trump’s interview. He’s absolutely right about our economy and our country and the RINOs and the usurper and his minions.

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