A Committee of Correspondence

A Committee of Correspondence

Arrivederci Gumba

Well, gee, Leon. Normally, we would have had hope for you. After all, one set of our grandparents immigrated to this country from Italy. They were very smart, very articulate (and actually literate) in three languages (including English), VERY hardworking, very happy to have been born in Italy and VERY PROUD to become AMERICANS. So, Gumba, we were hoping you came from the same rootstock some of this committee did. But apparently not.

Did you overlook part of your current title, Secretary of Defense of the United States of America? That last part, perhaps? The part that says “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA?” No mention of the UN or any other one world order in your title, amico. You should have taken a hint.

When you were preparing for your career, paisano, you might have taken a few moments to read through the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. It’s that document you are suppose to uphold and defend. Maybe you came across a copy while you were in law school? But maybe not. Your law school is in California, after all, and they’ve been trying to eradicate the Constitution there for a long time. In a small attempt to make up for your woefully incomplete education, we want you to know that WE THE PEOPLE don’t like it when you disregard, trample, shred and otherwise ignore, over-ride, or attempt to damage that document in any way.

So, arrivederci, gumba. Please take the usurper along with you on your quest for a new job and maybe even a new homeland. Perhaps one without a Constitution. A new homeland without a constitution would allow you and the usurper a lot more latitude in bringing your mutual “vision” into reality. But, just so you know, that one-world order thing you both are so intent on bringing into being? It won’t end well.

Leon Panetta and his “boss” leave even Senator Sessions Speechless

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