A Committee of Correspondence

A Committee of Correspondence

Obama & “administration” are TRAITORS

The more we thought about the video of the hearing before Senator Sessions et al where Dempsey and Panetta blatantly declared themselves and the usurper to be traitors to the United States of America and the American people, the more the fact that Senator Sessions was, in truth, not AT ALL SURPRISED by those stunning revelations from our modern day Benedict Arnolds bothered us.

You can watch the video of the House Concurrent Resolution 107 below and see for yourself that though Sessions claims to be stunned, he really isn’t:

We agree that impeachment should go forward. No question. The entire “administration” should be put on trial. Especially Eric Holder, Janet Napolitano and Gumba Panetta. They should, also, be found guilty and removed from office. Evidence of their crimes abounds. Here is one article, this by Raven Clabough, to get you started: Obama‚Äôs Military Actions in Syria May Be Impeachable. (Well, of course. TREASON is ALWAYS an IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE.)

Of course, evidence of Clinton’s crimes abounded, too, but that didn’t stop the leftists (led in that instance by Dick Gephardt) from refusing to follow the law and do the right thing. But, sadly, we have become inured to the left’s disregard for law and for the Constitution. It’s never a surprise when they act completely in character.

What is disturbing us here is that Jeff Sessions wasn’t in the least surprised by this blatant breach of the Constitution even though he claimed he was. We knew that this has been going on for sometime so Ron Paul’s article posted today on infowars.com, An Administration Gone Rogue, in which Paul points out that this has been going on since 1942 didn’t really shed much light on what was bothering us. Although, we do agree that even if this has been going one since 1842 (yes, that not a typo), that is no excuse to allow it to continue. As Paul states, “The Constitution is the law of the land and for Congress to allow it to be flouted speaks as badly about Congress as it does about a president who seeks to do the flouting.” Our elected officials are accountable for each and every breach of the Constitution of the United States, or should be, anyway.

And, of course, it isn’t “just” this preemptive take-over of our military by foreign (globalist) powers that has us bothered. There is also the little matter of National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012

In our view, any member of Congress who voted for National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 should also be impeached, found guilty and removed from office. The problem is, they are the folks who are supposed to do the impeaching.

What is going on currently in our government should be anathema to Americans. ALL AMERICANS. Including those who represent us. But that is not the case. Our government of the people, by the people and for the people no longer exists. It has been replaced by a foreign government. And that foreign government is at war with the American people. And that has us bothered. Do we wait for the elections in November?

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