A Committee of Correspondence

A Committee of Correspondence

What a “Natural Born Citizen” Is

We cannot believe how few Americans actually know this. Even Fox News apparently needs to send at least one their talking heads and all of their fact checkers to a remedial “dumbbell” Constitution of the United States class. Is it any wonder those hideous gold drapes are hanging in our White House as a totally inappropriate backdrop for an absolutely illegitimate “president.”

Natural Born Citizen? Part I

Natural Born Citizen? Part II

Natural Born Citizen for Dummies

Obama is a usurper and must be removed from office. We are willing for his removal to come via acts of God, impeachment, loss of re-election or absolutely anything else that will get that guy out of the White House; but, in truth, Obama should be removed after the issuance of a writ of Quo Warranto and unrelenting follow-through by our duly constituted authorities.

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