A Committee of Correspondence

A Committee of Correspondence

US Missile Defense Systems Gutted

Barack H. Obama has slashed the budget for the United States Missile Defense Systems by 80%. That’s right. Not a typo. 80%

What a wonderful time to be doing that, don’t you think? North Korea is sending up missiles that can wipe out Alaska, Hawaii and the entire west coast of the lower 48. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is sending up missiles, too, and if they aren’t already nuclear, they soon will be. He can lay waste to the entire Middle East and Europe. Actually, with the exception of Israel, those targets ALMOST have our approval. Venezuelan tyrant Hugo Chavez is wanting to start his own collection of nuclear missiles. Why not? Everyone else has some. And the Russians will ALWAYS have a wonderful assortment of nuclear missiles and a willingness to sell everything they have and know to anyone willing to pay the price — be it monetary, political or geo-political. Russia may be relied upon constantly to bring new meaning to the term “immorally opportunistic.”

Barack H. Obama wants to rule the world and, in order to do that, he seems to believe that the United States, the country he is sworn to defend, must be left defenseless. Even the smallest bit of intellect would allow one to see the flaws — potentially fatal — in this line of reasoning.

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