A Committee of Correspondence

A Committee of Correspondence

Tick. Tock. Tick. To–

And the alarm goes off. Or at least it should if it hasn’t already.

We were just reading a Digital Journal article by Eliot Elwar entitled “Russian warplanes threaten American airspace.” No news there, right? The Russians have been doing this for decades. It’s how they gather intelligence about American defense systems. We do the same thing to them.

That’s not the point we found of interest. The interesting point Elwar makes is that WWIII is, depending upon how you look at it, either commencing or reaching the point where it can no longer be hidden with the usual liberal-leftist smoke, mirrors, razzle-dazzle and tap dancing.

The eastern Mediterranean is positively full of warships. America has, or shortly will have, 5 carrier groups there and a bunch of other naval weapons, too. Russia has sent 11 warships. And those contributions are from just two of the participants in this conflict.

Assad has gotten his WMDs out of storage. By the way, lame-brain media, where are you now? How come no questions about where all those STOCKPILES of WMDs came from? Hmmm? You couldn’t stop talking about the apparent lack of WMDs in Iraq but now not a mention of the origin of Assad’s incredible stockpiles. Just so you know, your total lack of curiosity is very telling. But it’s okay. We knew all about it without your help. You have succeeded in making yourselves superfluous. Congratulations.

Don’t feel alone, though. The jig is up on the entire liberal-leftist-communist agenda — at least as far as America is concerned. Even the blind can now see that socialism is a judgment from GOD. You remove GOD from your society and the judgments come. As Matthew Wilson points out in his interesting and even partially correct July 13 post on 1913intel.com:

The primary theory I’ve regularly used is that societies do not move into the future the way you think they do. During times of stability they gradually build-up poor decisions which eventually leads to sudden collapse. We saw this with the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Arab Spring and the financial collapse of 2008. The collapse is preceded by a catalyst event – like Chernobyl preceded the collapse of the Soviet Union. It is long periods of stability, contrary to popular belief, that sow the seeds of collapse. A stable growing economy masks corruption and bad decisions. These are all exposed when things eventually turn south.

Very true. During good times, people think it’s okay, or at least safe enough, to give the loons a little leeway. It’s sort of like trying to raise children. You give them opportunities to learn with the hope they learn to make better decisions. The problem is that the liberal-leftist-commies are never going to learn. And they are never going to grow up. They have CHOSEN NOT to learn and they have CHOSEN NOT to grow up. The reason is found right there in the Bible at the end of Psalm 111 “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: a good understanding have all they that do the commandments: His praise endureth forever.”

The liberal-leftist-commie loons have chosen to reject GOD and therefore they DO NOT HAVE WISDOM nor will they ever. Their end game is on full display in Europe and it is going to get far worse for them. WWIII will leave Europe with a shredded economy and a power vacuum just as WWI left Germany with a shredded economy and a power vacuum. Just as Adolf Hitler stepped in to fill the voids left by WWI and brought on WWII, the one-world order and, hot on its heels, the Anti-Christ will step in to fill the voids left by WWIII and bring on Armageddon. So to all you liberal-leftist-commie loons here in America, your ultimate dictator will be showing up in EUROPE. If you survive the coming carnage, and you very well may not, book your tickets to EUROPE. Or, for a front-row seat, you might want to just go ahead and leave now. And don’t forget, God can find you, no matter where you go. Even Jonah couldn’t hide. Bon voyage.

In Psalm 110 the very first verse reads: “The LORD said to my Lord, Sit thou at my right-hand, until I make thy enemies thy footstool.” Praise the Lord!!!

We have previously mentioned a Bible scholar and Theologian, J.R. Church (Prophecy in the News) who realized that among the MANY message systems GOD included in His Holy Word is one in the Psalms. In Psalm 110 God The Father is telling God The Son to wait there in the throne room of heaven until God The Father flattens God The Son’s enemies. (We’ve never claimed to be any kind of scholars which is good since the part we previously overlooked is that Psalm 110 is written in FUTURE TENSE and we didn’t think about that until 2011. This is also true of the events prophesied in Psalm 109. But now, the time for fulfillment, within the parameters the LORD gave us, is pretty much up, unless of course, we’ve overlooked something else, which is always a possibility. So, we could be wrong. But we don’t think so.)

As Christians, we are awaiting the moment when our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ leaves the throne room at His Father’s command and comes to get those of us who remain alive on the earth prior to the Day of God’s Wrath — the Battle of Armageddon. We refer to that moment as The Rapture. But, clearly, God The Father is going to do a little housecleaning BEFORE He sends His Son. And specifically, He is going to be dealing with the vermin who are the enemies of Christ AND the enemies of Israel, God’s Glory. So that would include the creepy people right here in the United States who put crosses in beakers of urine and refuse to allow anything Christian in the public arena all the while they are encouraging the acceptance of Islam and shariah law. And, of course, it includes all those folks surrounding Israel with sabres drawn.

So, we have good news and we have bad news.

The bad news? Well it’s bad news for the enemies of Christ. For Christians, it will just be scary. This coming war, the war spoken of in Psalm 110, could include the Psalm 83 war, the Isaiah 17 destruction of Damascus and the Ezekiel 29 destruction of Egypt, wiping out most of the Muslim Arabs. The enemies of Christ have grown to be VERY numerous and in order for God The Father to flatten them enough for “the generation following” spoken of in Psalm 109:13 to occur, it could well be the case that millions or even billions of people will die.

And now the good news, America WILL survive this war. We won’t be the same America. Praise the Lord! With the “flattening” of Our Lord and Savior’s enemies, we will become the America we once were, the America God always intended. Not for long, of course. But long enough for “the generation following.”

God says: “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” (2 Chronicles 7:14)

We know the enemies of God think they have won. They are seeing the light at the end of their tunnel. Success is just within their grasp.

Ah but, they reckoned without GOD. So, of course, they are WRONG. And they are FLATTENED. Praise the Lord!! Alleluia! They become God’s object lesson to everyone, even “the generation following.”

Sadly, it is not the end of them. they have one more time coming but it won’t be here in the United States. They won’t be able to stand it here, because America WAS FOUNDED AS A CHRISTIAN NATION and WE WILL BE A CHRISTIAN NATION ONCE AGAIN BECAUSE OF GOD’S love, mercy, provision and protection. And because God has something He wants us to do. Praise His Holy Name Forever and Ever!

David Wilkerson was shown this time many years ago.(For more on this get his books The Vision and Beyond and God’s Plan to Protect His People or, at least, see our July 14, 2010, blog post.) And now the “six month of unimaginable horror” he warned us of are about to begin. The following is from Wilkerson’s post made on May 10, 2010. Read it and rejoice! It is on the immediate horizon!

I know some will not receive what I am about to say, yet many will. I do not believe we have yet seen the glory and fullness of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit as prophesied by Joel. What we have seen are just a few sprinkles! Yes, we have had a worldwide charismatic renewal and love has brought many together. It has been an experience shared worldwide, yet it is just a foretaste.

God will permit nothing to hinder what he plans to do. The enemy is in for a surprise. Just as it appears the church will be inundated by a satanic flood, the Spirit will raise up a standard. Understand what that standard is, and you will understand what God is about to do. The standard is a holy people, pure, undefiled, delivered from the corruption that is in the world. That standard is a new breed of sanctified Christians, who will shine forth as lights in the midst of a wicked and perverse generation. It will not be just a renewal of love and praise, but a restoration of holiness unto the Lord!

There will still be shouting and praise, but it will be the shout of victory over sin and compromise, fulfilling the purpose of the last outpouring: “That all who call on his name shall be delivered…” (Joel 2:32). Delivered from what? From sin! From the spirit of the world!

We will not have the fullness of the Spirit’s outpouring until baptized people separate themselves completely from the world. We must emphasize separation and purity of heart. The purpose of the Spirit’s coming is to sanctify and prepare a people for the Lord’s return, a people without spot or wrinkle.

When the fullness of the Spirit’s outpouring comes upon all flesh, conviction for sin will be everywhere. “He will convict the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment” (John 16:8). That is the outpouring of the Holy Spirit!

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