A Committee of Correspondence

A Committee of Correspondence

Partytime: Nero & Obama

Every Wednesday night is partytime at the Obama White House and it has been since Barack H. Obama was placed in office. The Obamas also have VERY EXPENSIVE date nights and family vacations costing tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars. This is definitely a CHANGE. Or, at least is it for an American President.

Once upon a time, most Americans would have thought it beyond the realm of the possible to have a President in office who, of his own volition — aided and abetted by the leftist-socialist Congress, of course — destroyed the economy of our country and then blatantly used our tax dollars for his own amusement and the amusement of his family and friends, too!

Just as an example, Barack H. Obama destroyed Detroit, Michigan. They have the highest unemployment in the country. It’s close to 20% unemployed. The citizens of Detroit, thanks to Obama, were so destitute they could not even afford to bury their dead. And neither could the local governmental entities — for exactly the same reason. When your citizens are unemployed you cannot tax their earnings since they aren’t earning anything. In fact, the cash flow reverses! So the bodies of dead citizens of Detroit were piling up. After a little thought, Barack H. Obama and the leftist-socialist Congress of the United States decided that Detroit needed to be the recipient of American aid. They had turned Detroit into a third-world-style city and as a third-world-style city, it NEEDED American aid.

Barack H. Obama’s policies are destined to have exactly the same effect on the rest of the United States. We will all soon be a part of a third-world country. When that is so, who will be sending us aid?

There is a historical parallel for Barack H. Obama’s behavior but we have had to go back to Roman Emperor Nero. He, too, partied and celebrated after he torched his country.

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