A Committee of Correspondence

A Committee of Correspondence

Hillary Was Right About Obama’s Decision-making

During the 2008 primaries a Hillary Clinton ad warned that Barack H. Obama was unprepared for a phone call at 3 a.m. requiring a decisive response. We have NEVER been Clinton supporters — no matter which Clinton you have in mind — but we have to admit Hillary was right. Barack H. Obama IS incapable of making decisions on questions of national security and international relationships that are in the long-term (or even short-term) best interests of this country.

The United States has thus far just barely survived John F. Kennedy who caused the Communist Union of Soviet Socialist Republic to set up missiles in Cuba — ninety miles from our shore. We were school children learning to crouch under our desks in the event of a nuclear bomb — like that would help?!?!? — but we remember Slack-Jawed Jack clearly.

The United States has thus far just barely survived Jimmy Carter’s hand-wringing. Those of us who lived through those Jittering Jimmy years vividly recall Americans taken and held as hostages until the moment Ronald Reagan took the oath of office. We recall with even more clarity how Carter single-handedly turned the Middle East into the seething cauldron and Islamic morass that is currently threatening the world. Jittering Jimmy knows he is responsible which is why he doesn’t do the decent thing and just go away and shut up.

The United States has thus far just barely survived Bill Clinton, too. Our enemies know indecision is a sign of weakness. But even if they didn’t know that, they know the Left is at best embarrassed by the former greatness of this country and is perfectly willing to sell it out. So Waffle Willie got Americans killed by Islamic terrorists testing the weakness of our then President. He and his administration also spent his entire tenure as President selling to our enemies, giving away to our enemies, allowing to be stolen by our enemies and/or torching or losing technology and information that American taxpayers had spend decades funding in order to keep our country safe from those who would destroy us. Personally, we believe it was Clinton who brought on 911. Our enemies don’t catch on really fast, it seems, but George W. Bush was NOT willing to see America taken down without a fight no matter who had sold us out before.

But now, unfortunately, the United States has Baffled Barack at the helm. Obama ignores the man in charge of the war in Afghanistan for months at a time and then is incapable of deciding to send critically needed reinforcements; thereby allowing American lives to be lost needlessly in Afghanistan because of his inability to make a decision. Obama is allowing nuclear arms proliferation worldwide in order to better enable him to make friends with the worst sort of thugs in high places it has ever been our misfortune to behold. Obama is even allowing Russia to set up nuclear missiles in Cuba again. Baffled Barack is Slack-Jawed Jack, Jittering Jimmy and Waffle Willie all rolled into one. What is even worse is that he actually hates the United States of America. We are not sure the United States will survive Barack H. Obama.

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