A Committee of Correspondence

A Committee of Correspondence

The Battle We Are In

The vicious liberals are hoping that this previous truth still prevails. As Dr. Kennedy summed it up: “The best of men lack conviction and the worst are filled with passionate intensity.”

We are in prayer for our fellow Americans and our once-great nation.

And we believe true Americans have all seen the light or will shortly have it glaring in their reluctantly comprehending eyes. Why else would gun sales have surged so remarkably after the DNC.

Dr. D. James Kennedy was one of the great theologians and Christian thinkers of our time. As a Christian, he could not be fooled (see footnote) and as a result his sermons speak only the truth.

The Bankruptcy of Socialism

And this is WHY liberal leftist commie progressives like the usurper and his “administration” are so intent on convincing every American that socialism is the “right thing to do.”

Dethrone God, Destroy Capitalism: The Goals of the Left

The left doesn’t know what is right or moral because they are in open rebellion against God. They are intent on imposing their rebellion against God with its attendant lack of morality and responsibility on everyone else.

America Adrift?

Will the Church Forget?

Dr. Kennedy speaks to billions of Christians and soon-to-be Christians when he says: “God needs men who will speak out on the great issues of the day. Martin Luther said, ‘Though we be active in the battle, if we are not fighting where the battle is hottest, we are traitors to the cause. . . God grant you courage . . be not afraid.'”

In case you have already forgotten, God will soon be greatly diminishing the number of the enemies of Christ.

What enemies of Christ, you ask?

Well, let’s start here. The 2012 Democratic National Committee suspended the rules of its convention and inserted language regarding God and the State of Israel back to its platform. They had to vote three times to do it — and they had to lie to deem it passed, even though it was clear that the measure did not pass a voice vote in the chamber. The original 2012 Democratic Party platform had excised all mention of God and Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel. AND THEN THE DNC ACTUALLY HAD THE TEMERITY TO BOO GOD!

And in case you haven’t yet gotten the message, the usurper is a LIAR. But fear not, Christ is ALWAYS with us and He has ALREADY given us the victory.

Footnote: God hates lies. He never allows them to stand. Instead He makes sure “the truth will out,” because God is Truth and Light. And as He states in His Holy Word: “You shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free.”

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