A Committee of Correspondence

A Committee of Correspondence

Term Limits – How to Get Them

There is an idea that we need a law or even an amendment to obtain term limits on the Senate and House.  Presidential term limits  weren’t even proposed until 3/21/1947 and not ratified until 2/27/1951.  It was only after the four terms of FDR that the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution was proposed.  Up until that time, Presidents and the voters just followed George Washington’s lead.

Now if you believe the way the left would approach this, then you believe we need to get a majority of the Supreme Court to ‘find’ a right of the electorate to not have politicians serve too long. Or else, we need to organize an ACORN (American Committee Opposing Returning Nuts) to rig the voter rolls  buy votes. In the liberal view, you have to have something  “powerfu”l on your side to change things.   You can’t just trust the people to do what is right. This is due to the left’s certainty that the average Joe needs help to blow his nose.

But the right thinks that each one of us is capable of  making up our mind without the left’s help.

I think that each of us can effect term limits on the Congress.  Decide what a good limit is, say 12 years– 6 terms for a Representative and two for a Senator–then after that just don’t vote for them again.  Support a new face in the primary, vote across party lines if you have to.   Soon even the most dense politicos well figure it out.

This approach is not without historical basis.  Christianity slowly took over Imperial Rome that way.  Each Christian just did what he or she believed was right. It wasn’t fast; it wasn’t  easy.  But it was longer lasting than Rome itself.

The same approach can be used for any issue that needs addressing:  No Laws.  No Amendments.  Just One Person, One Vote.

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