A Committee of Correspondence

A Committee of Correspondence

A Clear Choice

This November we have a clear choice as to what kind of government we want.

  • “We belong to the Government”: DNC
  • “The government belongs to us”: RNC

Remember, there are names for persons who BELONG to their government:  the least objectionable is “subject” and the most objectionable  is “serf.”   The “subject” has a bit more freedom but  little if any say in who rules them and their relationship to the government is defined by that government.  So the government can change the “subject” to “serf” any time it wants to.  If you are comfortable “belonging” to the government and have no qualms about becoming a SERF then vote for the Democratic candidates.

Up until July 4, 1776, the folks living in the 13 American colonies were “subjects” of the crown.  So the American creation of a government OF the people, BY the people and FOR the people was a major paradigm shift in governance.  This approach is found nowhere else in the world  and is the major driver in the status and stature of our nation.  If you think that this is the way to continue, vote Republican.

You ultimately get the government you deserve.

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