A Committee of Correspondence

A Committee of Correspondence

Current US Economy Is The Bitter Fruit of Over 40 Years of Liberal Policies

We keep coming across a Liberal mantra to the effect that the Republicans had, previous to the 2009 election, been in constant control of Congress!

Before the 2008 elections, no one could have convinced us that the embarrassingly flabby “thinking” that defines the Liberal “mind” had taken such a firm and deeply-rooted hold on the thought processes of so many of the American people. We continue to hope that we are overly pessimistic, but we are NOT seeing many rays of light in that dark dark tunnel.

We know the Liberal agenda has succeeded in “dumbing down” many of the citizens of the United States. One has only to recall that the college entrance exams (CEEB, SAT) had to be “recentered” in the 1990s. “Recentered” was the euphemism employed to camouflage the fact that students were not scoring as well on these tests as had the previous generation. Boomers were not exactly setting the world on fire but our kids hadn’t managed to acquire learning and reasoning skills to match even our own. It was, and is, very sad. It is also the predicable outcome of the Liberal agenda whose first stranglehold came in education. The NEA and PBS come instantly to mind as illustrative points in this regard. We have numerous other data points primarily because one of us served time as a teacher in the public schools. But we will refrain from belaboring this point even though we honestly could.

However, even allowing for an educational system more intent on social engineering than on teaching children to read, write, speak, listen and reason — please note that list doesn’t contain the teaching of actual content like mathematics, history, science, literature, rhetoric, logic, et. al. — we would still expect that, unless the people involved have been comatose for decades or are “Jaywalking All-Stars,” they would have assimilated a few basic facts just by virtue of being conscious several hours a day and paying scant and infrequent attention. Those are hardly stringent requirements.

Nonetheless, apparently we have been expecting too much. So in an effort to remedy that, here is brief overview of the facts:

  • For 47 of the last 59 years, the Democracts and their ever-increasingly Socialist-Leftist-Totalitarian agenda have controlled Congress. It was, in fact, during the last 3 years that the Liberal-controlled Congress sat by and did nothing to stop the subprime lending problem — a crisis that had actually been set in motion in the 1990s by then-President Bill Clinton when he and his Liberal cohorts repealed the Glass-Steagall Act. Instead of doing anything to avert the crisis, those Liberals in positions to profit, DID — BIG TIME.

    SIDENOTE: There was a slight lightening of the pervasive gloom in the 1990s when the Republicans (many of whom are NOT what we would call Conservatives) did gain control of both houses of Congress. But it lasted about as long as a June frost. And then the Liberals — aided and abetted, as always, by the State-run Media — took out one of the primary driving force behind it. They did that by holding him to his own standards. Those are standards, by the way, to which not one Liberal would ever hold himself or another Liberal. Liberals don’t have standards of their own. In addition, personal accountability is either entirely unknown to them or applies only to others.

    • Social programs created and implemented primarily to “buy voters” for the Liberals.

      “The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.” — Alexis de Tocqueville

      This is why 40% of us do NOT pay taxes. They are deemed too poor. That is just one data point in the Liberal electorate. We are afraid Alexis de Tocqueville might well be right.

    • These social programs grow and grow as do the bureaucracies needed to administer them. CUTS TO THESE PROGRAMS ARE NEVER MADE AND PROGRAMS ARE NEVER CUT.
    • As a direct result, the tax burden on the 60% of us who pay taxes starts at 50% and rapidly reaches overwhelming. Every family MUST HAVE AT LEAST TWO JOBS and many work three and four jobs, just to make ends meet. And now, unemployment is at nearly 18%! There are no jobs. The credit cards are maxed out. And the banks are GREEDY.
    • The stimulus package was a failure. But it was a failure only if you look at it in terms of HOW IT WAS SOLD to the American public. We were told that it would save or create jobs. It hasn’t done that. All those billions and trillions of dollars did not go into job creation or job salvaging, either. It went into the pockets of Barack H. Obama’s friends and henchmen. It went into the pockets of bureaucrats and bankers and brokers and union backstabbers. It went to Barack’s cadre of political elitists.
    • The stimulus package was, however, a huge success in terms of what it was ACTUALLY INTENDED TO DO. It was intended to create a crisis. It was intended to destroy the United States economy. It was intended to sink the American taxpayer under a burden so enormous we would be willing to sell our birthright as American citizens to foreign control and domination. This has been achieved. Look at our national debt. Look at our deficit. Look at those trillions of dollars the Federal Reserve (an institution owned and operated by and for a group of enormously wealthy foreigners) printed for Barack H. Obama’s government. Now those foreigners think they own us. Our economy and the dollar have been destroyed. In that regard, the stimulus was a success. It sold out America, Americans and the American Dream.
    • Having achieved their primary goals, one would think that the Liberals would just be happy and take the opportunity to rest on their laurels. But no.
      Instead, they are intent on cramming a heinous health care package down our throats. This “package” comes complete with 111 bureaucracies –not a typo — 111 bureaucracies — and a track record of perfect failure everywhere it has been tried. It will not lower costs. But it will destroy the best medical care system in the world. Even in a perfect pre-Barack H. Obama world, we would not be able to afford its $1.2 trillion price tag (the actual price tag is more like $3 trillion!). We definitely cannot afford it now. Maybe the Liberals just want to make sure America is dead.

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