A Committee of Correspondence

A Committee of Correspondence

usurper’s Trousers Ablaze As Usual

Three Little Liars All In a Row

Even when confronted with FACTS they lie, they waffle, they dodge and they point fingers at ANYONE except themselves. It’s true Obama is a usurper; but he could at least act like an adult. Adult and usurper are NOT mutually exclusive, except in his case.

One of the MANY things the lame brain media does that drives anyone with a functional brain absolutely insane is MEDIA BIAS.

When Bush 43 said “Mission accomplished,” it created a media firestorm he has yet to outlive. Bush 43 was saying that our military had succeeded in the war in Iraq. The bad news was that they then had to take on an insurgency. And that probably could have been predicted — but if it was, it wasn’t within public earshot.

So, we are not saying the lame brain media did not have a point about “Mission accomplished.” But we are saying that now we have the usurper, abetted by Hapless Hillary, actually COMPLICIT in an INTERNATIONAL DISASTER complete with loss of AMERICAN LIVES for which they were DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE and they are lying every time they open their mouths! And the media is still discussing “Mission accomplished” like it was the most enormous blunder by the executive branch in the history of America.

REALLY? Do talking heads not hear themselves? Are they incapable of holding every public official to the very same standards? Have they no sense of SCOPE?

The media DID finally get to a comparison of Bengazi with Watergate but it was NOT the first thing out of their mouths. And more to the point, NOBODY DIED in Watergate; so the media should have kept looking for more relevant examples of the executive branch run amuk, like, for example, Bill Clinton bombing a pharmaceutical factory in Sudan but ignoring the attack on the USS Cole which resulted in the loss of 17 American lives. And these events are widely pointed to as root causes for 9/11 with its 2,977 victims . But, come to think of it, the lame brain media never brings THOSE INCIDENTS up. And yet, “mission accomplished,” apparently, will always be right on the tip of their tongues.


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