A Committee of Correspondence

A Committee of Correspondence

Why Planned Economies Fail

There is a very good reason why planned economies fail, the control system (the Government) is extremely simplistic with respect to the system they’re trying to regulate.  You have some 10,000 people trying to out-guess 300,000,000 people.  Moreover, each of those 300,000,000 people make MANY decisions each and every day about what they’re going to do with their time, their energy and their money.

The small number of regulators (yes, I know the Liberals are trying VERY hard to make that a really LARGE number, but everything is relative) just can’t keep up.  They didn’t even come close to keeping up in the toxic mortgage fiasco, now did they? It simply cannot be done.

Anyone who sets up automatic control systems can tell you that only closed systems (those systems with the control tightly and timely connected to the result) have any chance of working well.  In a closed system, there is a one-to-one correspondence between the control  inputs and the resulting outputs of the the system in question.

When you are dealing with people as individuals with individual needs and wants, you CANNOT have a closed system. And definitely not when you have 10,000 regulators (controllers)  to 300,000,000  (the things controlled) people making decisions. No, if you insist on having government regulators in charge of your health care, then “limits” would be set and the regulators would simply “follow the guidelines.” So what if that means that you, as an individual, must be sacrificed? To even attempt such a thing requires TYRANNY.

Even if we turn a blind eye to that whole “right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” thing, it is CHAOS in the making.  Even if you limit the controlled area to health care you are still faced with the 10,000 regulators to 300,000,000 problems, at least.

And that does NOT take into account the TIME FACTOR. Do you really think that the Federal Government can react in a TIMELY manner?  Hurricane Katrina? The twin towers? THE PROBLEM IS THE SAME FOR ANY GOVERNMENT PROGRAM WITH PROBLEMS REQUIRING REFORM — and that would be EVERY GOVERNMENT PROGRAM. 

If you are a Government Health Care supporter, you are really betting your life on the government’s ability to deliver life-and-death decisions in a TIMELY manner. So what was it the Left was saying when Katrina hit? Something about the Feds not delivering on time?

When your very own health “Katrina” hits, are you REALLY expecting the government to do whatever is in YOUR INDIVIDUAL BEST INTERESTS AT THE VERY MOMENT THAT STORM STRIKES? REALLY??? WHATEVER IS IN YOUR BEST INTERESTS?!?!?!?!

Well, maybe in a parallel universe. But I live on this planet, in this country. I want to make my OWN decisions about what is in MY BEST INTERESTS. I don’t think ANY GOVERNMENTAL REGULATOR would come ANYWHERE close to caring as much as I do.

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