A Committee of Correspondence

A Committee of Correspondence

“Progressive” Means A Relentless March Toward Death

America is in the throes of a “Progressive” illness.

Going to a doctor and being told that one has a “progressive disease” truly qualifies as receiving bad news. It means that one has been diagnosed with a disease that is increasing in extent and severity — a disease that will eventually result in one’s death.

The Liberals know that only 20% of America supports their agenda. Moreover, they know that the word “Liberal” carries VERY NEGATIVE connotations for the other 80% of us. So with their usual courage, the Liberals quickly attempt to hide what they truly are inside some other word with fewer negative meanings. They are currently promoting their agenda as “PROGRESSIVE.”

Liberals have been at this semantic slight-of-hand for MANY years now. We, personally, recall the old immorality becoming the “New Morality” in the 1960s. For those of you who were not around then, the “New Morality” involved drug use, sexual promiscuity and the undermining of the Judeo-Christian values, morals and ethics upon which this country was founded.

The Liberals foisted their vicious agenda onto the American public in any and every way possible, with a special emphasis on ever-increasing prohibitions on any public mention of the name of Jesus. The Liberal whine became “tolerance.” In fact the Liberals INSISTED that absolutely EVERYTHING MUST BE TOLERATED. With the exception of “intolerance,” of course, and “intolerance” would NOT be tolerated under ANY circumstances. “Intolerance” was then defined as anything having to do with Judeo-Christian values, morals and ethics. Weak-minded Americans, including the Media and the Political Elite, actually bought into that absolute absurdity.

Liberalism being on the ascendancy from the 1960s on, the Leftists quickly became staunch supporters of PEACE as opposed to those who, they claimed, favored WAR. Only one problem with that — the opposite of WAR is NOT PEACE. The opposite of WAR is SLAVERY as Americans are finally beginning to realize with the advent of Islamic terrorists whose agenda is unquestionably world CONQUEST! (If you don’t believe us, read up on what Charles Martel of France (Charles the Hammer) and Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain were up against.) But in typical fashion, the Liberals hope to yell loudly and stridently enough to keep anyone from reflecting upon the fallacious dichotomy the Liberals CREATED.

And those were just the beginning of our introduction to the Liberal agenda. The historical American Christian Conservative Pro-Life stance was quickly under attack by the Liberals’ “Pro-Choice” agenda. Liberals have a point there. Murder IS a choice. Not a good choice. Nor one that should be permitted, never mind condoned. But just like every other CRIME and SIN known to man, it IS a CHOICE. They were hoping no one would notice that. Besides, they were left only with “Pro-Abortion,” “Pro-Baby Murder” and/or “PRO-DEATH.” Those terms are much too close to the truth to suit them and their nefarious “PROGRESSIVE” (an unrelenting march to death) agenda.

And on and on and on it goes.

The Liberal Feminist agenda which started out life as simply an appeal to the American sense of fair play — if one does the same work then one deserves the same pay, no matter what one’s gender — once it gained a toehold in public acceptance, rapidly morphed into an ANTI-MARRIAGE, ANTI-FAMILY, PRO-DIVORCE, PRO-ABORTION juggernaut.

The Liberal agenda has, thus far, brought to the United States a horrendous divorce rate that leaves many children living in poverty. There is a reason why God specified a mother AND a father as necessary to the creation of children. (If you don’t believe that, please consult a reliable — as opposed to “revisionist” — biology text dealing with human procreation.) Actually there are several reasons why God specified a mother and a father for the creation of children. And, with just a little thought, we can discover what those reasons are by examining not only the ever-increasing numbers of American children living in poverty but also the ever-increasing rate of suicide among teens and pre-teens, drug use, sexual and physical abuse, societal alienation, gang membership, teenage pregnancy, children born out-of-wedlock to other children, sexually transmitted and incurable diseases, property crimes, date rape, depression and raves! And we are just beginning to scratch the surface. And it ALL springs from the LIBERAL AGENDA.

Liberals are unalterably opposed to Christianity and to our Judeo-Christian heritage and to America’s founding documents because they are based upon Judeo-Christian principles. Those precepts and principles have given each and every American heretofore undreamed of freedom, peace, prosperity and liberty. We challenge anyone to name a country as blessed as our own has been. And it is BECAUSE we are a CHRISTIAN country.

We challenge anyone to find any place on the face of the planet that has given women the rights and equality enjoyed here. You won’t find that in any MUSLIM country. There women are treated as property. Even here Muslim fathers have actually chosen to kill or attempt to kill their own daughters because the daughters have displeased their fathers in some way.

One of the MANY beautiful things about Christianity is that our Father, our Heavenly FATHER, offers us love and forgiveness. He provided Himself as a Perfect Atonement — a Way back — to peace and righteousness with our God through belief in our Lord Jesus Christ and faith in the redemption offered to us by His death, once and for all, upon the cross. God the Father sent His Only Begotten Son to suffer death upon the cross so that we might have forgiveness of sin and everlasting life with Him. Our Heavenly Father did NOT try to run His unruly children down with a car!

America is — or, at least, was — the greatest country in the world BECAUSE of our Christian heritage and morals and values and ethics. But the Liberals will not stop until they have done away with prayer in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ anywhere in the public square. As Americans, we may, in their view, pray to anyone EXCEPT the Lord Jesus Christ. Liberals don’t quibble with Allah (even when his name is being screamed by murderous maniacs as they cut down many innocent Americans), Buddha, the Great Spirit or anyone else. Now ask yourself, why is that?

And now, Conservatives are being faced with this latest liberal stalking-horse — the PROGRESSIVE agenda — an agenda intent on the total economic collapse of this great nation and a take over by their totalitarian regime. The Liberals truly are telling us what they are. They are PROGRESSIVE — they are relentless — they are driven — they will not stop until they completely destroy America. Or America stops them while we still can. Or God stops them. And just so you know, the Liberals who are the driving force behind this “Progressive” coup are NOT His children. As the Bible states, you can “tell them by their fruit,” and Liberal fruit is about as far from God as you can get.

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