A Committee of Correspondence

A Committee of Correspondence

Obama: “Not a Christian Nation”

Well, the Obama got that right. But it is not because the majority of Americans don’t think of themselves as Christian. It is due to the fact that a country can’t be religious.  This is true of places in general. The office in which I write this, in itself, isn’t Christian.  I am.  God didn’t promise His protection and love to a nation, but to each one of us.

Salvation is promised to the individual not to a group.  He protects the Jews as individuals, hence the nation Israel gains protection by its people  following the Lord.  The same is true of the U.S.  The nature of any group is defined by the sum of its people.  So it’s up to each one of us to reflect the grace of God in our lives so that our households, neighborhoods, towns, states, nations and world reflect our morals and the love of God.

Respect for God in our country wouldn’t be out of place, but would come naturally if most of us just go about our lives living God’s Word.

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