A Committee of Correspondence

A Committee of Correspondence

Taxation Without Representation Is Tyranny

“Taxation without representation is tyranny!” was the cry heard across the land at the beginning of the first American Revolutionary War. At the rate things are going, it will be the cry heard across the land at what might well become the beginning of the second American Revolutionary War.

Would-be Communist dictator Barrack Hussain Obama and the Democratic-Liberal-Leftist Congress simply don’t want to get it. They REFUSE to listen to the American people. WE DO NOT WANT GOVERNMENT-RUN HEALTHCARE. But our tyrannical government will not listen. Comrade Obama claims it simply must be done, no matter what the American people say. He claims that since this has been attempted many times before and failed that its time has come. He will not entertain even the suggestion that THE REASON IT HAS FAILED EVERY OTHER TIME IT HAS BEEN BROUGHT UP IS BECAUSE AMERICANS DO NOT WANT IT! We didn’t want it in the past and we still DON’T WANT IT! We haven’t changed our minds.

The United States Government is not any good at running anything. Every governmental program goes immediately into insolvency. The Leftists point with pride to Social Security and Medicare. Well, we do have those “entitlement programs” but count the number of times they have had to be “rescued.” And “rescue” ALWAYS comes from enormous increases in taxation. And please note what happens when government can no longer support “entitlements.” In case you missed it, an example of this was/is on display on the Left coast because California –the 8th largest economy in the world–can no longer afford to send its citizens to college free of charge. So they have been forced to ratchet up tuition fees for their state-run colleges. So the folks who were once “entitled” to a free college education are no longer entitled. And they AREN’T happy about it. They were rioting.

Nevertheless, our Liberal-Leftist-Neo-Commie Government believes that they can do just as they please because they can make the American taxpayer pay for every law they pass through increased taxation.

It never impinges on their alleged minds that our newly-pegged-over Liberal-Leftist government has sunk our economy. The economy is in freefall and as soon as the next big problem hits the global economic scene, our already reeling economy will receive additional impetus in its spin out of control.

AND American’s are unemployed. That means we, along with our economy the Liberal-Leftist-Commies just sank, ARE NOT earning money. The Liberals are working feverishly to mitigate the pain by extending and expanding unemployment benefits in an attempt to keep Americans from rising up in the streets and storming Washington DC. But those extended unemployment benefits also come from the American taxpayers. “They” don’t pay our taxes, WE PAY OUR TAXES. And now WE have no money with which to pay them.

Our Federal deficit (yet another excellent example of our government’s inability to run ANYTHING) has ALREADY skyrocketed. But Comrade OBAMA “knows” this impossible healthcare bill is “the right thing to do.”

The RIGHT THING TO DO? In what universe is it the right thing to do? America CANNOT even pay the debt we already owe. America cannot afford a healthcare bill that will send that debt soaring out of this galaxy. Simple addition and subtraction is enough to convince anyone with any sort of rational judgment that that hideous healthcare bill is NOT EVER GOING TO BE THE RIGHT THING TO DO!!

Apparently, Comrade Obama and the yellow-bellied Liberal-Leftist-Neo-Commie Congress lack the judgment to “know” that.

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