A Committee of Correspondence

A Committee of Correspondence

Escapees From The Men In Black Now In Control of Washington, D.C.

We laughed until our sides were aching while watching the first Men In Black movie. Since it was a comedy, laughter was, of course, the intention of the writers, producers and actors. But now it seems that many “bizarre aliens” have become denizens of that swamp named Washington DC. Unfortunately, this isn’t taking place on film — it’s taking place in what has become the “real world.” And Americans aren’t laughing.

Americans have had a lot of clues about who is apparently in possession of the government of our country. Just looking at Nancy Pelosi is enough to give even the most inattentive serious pause. Her skin doesn’t seem to fit in a natural manner. It’s almost as if the original occupant of that skin has been sucked out and something else has put it on as a disguise. She, also, doesn’t understand English. She does attempt to speak something that sort of sounds like English but when one tries to follow whatever point she is attempting to make, assuming one is kind enough to believe she IS attempting to make a point, one rapidly discovers that communication is not her goal. Her “speech” is just another layer in her disguise.

As it turns out, the ability to speak and understand English — the official language of the United States — is the touchstone in identifying who is and who isn’t an American among the inhabitants of Washington, D.C.

Take for instance the new communist dictator of the United States, Barack Hussain Obama. Americans have been presented with a LOT of data showing that Obama is in fact an alien. ALL the actual data one can access on his birthplace shows that he does NOT meet the requirements of a “natural born citizen.” The rest of the data has been hidden even though it is a requirement set forth in the Constitution that anyone holding the office of President of the United States MUST present actual proof of one’s status as a natural born citizen. Maybe that’s why he is morphing the job he has seized into that of communist dictator. He is probably better able to meet those requirements.

However that may be, it is Comrade Obama’s inability to speak English without the aid of a teleprompter that is the real key to his status as bizarre alien. He even requires the device when addressing children. It is our belief that what at first glance resembles a device to display an electronic visual text of a script is actually an electronic interface with someone hiding behind a curtain somewhere. A very evil someone, unfortunately, whose grip on English isn’t much better than Obama’s and his intellect is equally questionable.

As a data point in this regard, one has only to look at the “arguments” Obama (or the other evil creature behind the curtain) is setting forth to cram through his hated heinous health care bill. These “arguments” don’t even dignify the name. They have, instead, been pathetic and transparent emotional appeals based on lies and deceit. What Obama and the creature behind the curtain have done is to send for a few people whose lives have been impacted by serious illnesses. And then these “aliens” have put these folks forth as their “reason” for their implacable insistence on sending our country over yet another economic cliff.

And, indeed, our hearts ache for those people. There are MANY terrible diseases in this world. And many of those terrible diseases are terminal — some in only a few moments, days, weeks or months. They are terminal NO MATTER WHAT IS MEDICALLY DONE to help the people afflicted. INSURANCE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MORTALITY. EVEN THE INSURED DIE. EVERYONE DIES. DEATH IS EQUAL OPPORTUNITY AND EVENTUALLY HAS A 100% SUCCESS RATE.

In the United States, we had (a few years ago — before Hillary Clinton first took on our health care system as her “reward” for “standing by her man,” Bill Clinton, the unrepentant adulterer, and, thereby, damaging it — we would have used the word “have”) the best health care system in the world. The reasons for that are many and all of them are rooted in our Judeo-Christian heritage.

Health care in the United States began as the work of the Church — the Christian Church. That is why most hospitals carry the names of Christian denominations and saints. Don’t tell us you’ve never heard of Presbyterian Hospital, Baptist Medical Center, St. Joseph’s Hospital, or even Mercy Hospital. The Church always has helped, and always will help, those in need. As a direct result, NO ONE WAS EVER turned away. That is STILL true. NO ONE IS EVER DENIED CARE. We have a family member who is a mucky muck at our largest local hospital which, incidentally, is also one of the very top ranked Schools of Medicine. People from all over the world compete to train there. NO ONE IS EVER DENIED MEDICAL CARE. WE KNOW THIS FOR A FACT. Even people who are illegal aliens in this country are given medical care. And it is the SAME MEDICAL CARE GIVEN TO INSURED AMERICAN CITIZENS. Although, unlike Obama, we sometimes have to provide proof of both our insurance AND our American citizenship.

So for Obama, Pelosi, Reid and all the other “evil aliens” now in Washington, D.C., trying to make unthinking Americans believe we MUST SPEND ANOTHER FEW TRILLION DOLLARS to get medical care to some terminal folks or they will not receive care is an ABSOLUTE LIE!!! (For Bible readers, the fact that they are lying will tell you who those “aliens” really are, or at least, the one they serve.) So, to Obama, Pelosi, Reid and others of their ilk, we say: WE ARE ALREADY MEETING THE HEALTH CARE NEEDS OF EVERYONE HERE. SEVERAL TRILLION DOLLARS IN NEW TAXES ARE NOT NEEDED. But thanks just the same.

We are not certain that message will get through, though, since we know only English and apparently the denizens of D.C. don’t. There was another example of this on last week’s The McLaughlin Group. And this example was almost funny. One of the people sitting on the Left worked for the Financial Times and was in fact an alien, in terms of American citizenship. She is British. Her birth was in that socialist nanny state that had once been the mighty British Empire but it has since been brought down by socialism. However, as a Brit, she understood and spoke English, unlike Eleanor Clift, one of the denizens of Washington, D.C. who is, apparently incapable of comprehending English. Like the other three people in the group, the Brit knew and plainly stated that Obama’s economic “policies” had turned the United States economy into “a car wreck.” Eleanor, being a Liberal-Leftist-Neo-Commie-Bizarre-Alien Loon, of course, could NOT COMPREHEND what to the other four people on the panel was OBVIOUS . See how valuable being able to understand English truly is? And see how an inability to understand English can be used as our litmus test for identifying the bizarre alien denizens of D.C.?

Last week’s news contained another example of a non-English alien. This one went by the moniker Joe Biden. Bizarre-Alien and D.C. Denizen Biden was sent to Israel by Comrade Obama on the pretext of assuring Israel that the United States is still their “friend.” Unfortunately, with “friends” like the current United States bizarre alien government, Israel doesn’t need any more enemies. And to make that even more clear, Biden was obviously incapable of understanding the Israeli announcement that they were building apartments in Jerusalem which would be open to Israelis and Arabs alike.

The Israeli announcement was made in Hebrew and English. But D.C. Denizens didn’t understand it. We’re thinking there is NO LANGUAGE ON EARTH D.C. Denizens actually do understand. They also don’t seem to have much of a grip on the concept of “It’s their country.” Israel belongs to Israelis. And America USED to belong to Americans.

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