A Committee of Correspondence

A Committee of Correspondence

Reverse Discrimination

“Reverse Discrimination” is an interesting concept.  It assumes that there are some classes of people to whom “Discrimination” is not the same as it is with other persons.

I’ve heard this used by conservative commentators as well as main stream commentators; and it is offensive.  Discrimination is Discrimination. It simply has no flavors, colors or classes.

“Reverse Discrimination” is a silly and offensive term and is the outgrowth of an assumption that has been promulgated by the Left. Namely, if your class, race, ethnicity or religion has ever been discriminated against by any other race, ethnicity, class or religion in the past, then you are incapable of the same type of behavior against another ethnicity, class, race or religion now.  This is hogwash!

If you have experienced discrimination, then you would know it when you do it. And it would be painful for you to see it.

But, for the Left, the only way to ease the stink of discrimination is to rename it to something else.  That is what “Reverse Discrimination” is–a new name to cover an old ill that everyone everywhere is capable of.

When we as a nation decide to really become one, no one will be allowed to do this openly, no matter how much it is a part of “human nature.”  That day will come when we all call it simply Discrimination.

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